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Revival Café
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Revival Café

Before Revival, this space was a bakery run by my parents called Panini which opened in 1992. At the time, it was a trendy and welcoming bakery, but after their 15-year run, their journey ended, and they soon departed South Ealing. My brother and I grew fond of the coffee culture scene and eventually wanted to open our coffee shop with a plant-based spin on things. The journey led us back to where our parent's bakery began, and we planned to revive the space and create a comfortable and calming environment for everyone to enjoy.


Being an independent and family-run business means we as a team all share the same values and put care into whatever we create. As a whole, we are determined to grow, develop and ensure we give you the best experience whenever you visit us.


We pride ourselves on giving you the best quality products that are all 100% plant-based. We are passionate about our sustainability efforts, and we are dedicated to making a positive change. Lastly, our café is a pet-friendly space, so don't be afraid to bring them along with you!



Why Sustainability Matters


We made it our mission to have all our product packaging biodegradable, considering the long-term effects of our decisions as a business. Reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring our products are easy to throw away - biodegradable or recyclable to give you peace of mind.

Shifting towards plant-based foods will help make a positive impact on our planet. We aim to help the average consumer have easy plant-based options to avoid missing out on anything. A big goal is to combat food wastage by using 'Toogoodtogo'. Toogoodtogo is a free app that allows you to purchase unsold food to prevent it from being thrown away.

We have pursued the goal to be as eco-friendly as possible - working alongside the company 'First Mile' to help our business with zero-to-landfill waste collection.


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For event enquiries or to use the space please emails us at:

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